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Reading & Evaluation

(3-5 pages notes)


Structure & Writing


"This was one of the BEST reviews from one of my screenplays I have ever received. Her thoughts and notes will go along ways to me achieving my goal of writing a good screenplay. Totally awesome." - Merd

"Delivered the very best feedback I've ever had on my script. I will be happy to buy from again." - Woggle

"AMAZING!! Very thorough notes that will take my script to the next level. Highly recommend. Thank you!" - Josh

"Great notes with great actionable advice for what i would believe to be a steal of a price. Truly fantastic and could not recommend enough." - Breig

"She's amazing and gives not the normal generic script forensic notes, but really gets down to how to make your script better." - Alex

"Fantastic coverage! A very thorough analysis of the story and delivered actionable notes. Truly spot-on comments and arrived a day early. Satisfied and happy -- highly recommended and will work with this vendor again! Upper echelon off providers! I've found a handful of providers that I trust and she has rocketed up that list. Top 3 without question -- and the only reason I'm not saying #1 is out of respect to the other providers so they're not mad at me if I use them again hahaha. Truly great coverage!! HIRE HER!! NOW!! Thanks again!! I'll absolutely be sending some more work your way!!" - Patrick

"The notes were actionable, which is hard to find from readers. She did a great job and provided in-depth notes that we can use to make the story better. Highly recommend." - Brad

"Script sidekick has an wise grasp of storytelling and her counsel has helped improved my script to better heights. If this was game of thrones, I would want her in my small counsel, please!" - Ryo

"I can't recommend this seller enough. They exceeded every category across the board by wide margins. I would not hesitate another minute if you're reading this review, order this gig! You will not be disappointed. 5 stars are simply not enough! We need a rating method that truly separates the adequate sellers from the extraordinary like Aly!" - Steve

"Excellent job and invaluable feedback. My deck has improved ten-fold after the suggestions and revisions. Couldn't recommend highly enough and will most definitely use again." - Perth

"This is only my second script and I'm very grateful for all of the advice. I loved the suggestions and think it will make the script (hopefully film one day) so much stronger. I also appreciate that she highlighted what she loved/what was good about it as well as what could be improved. Overall, exactly what I needed. I'm very glad that decided to order with Aly." - Queen

"Aly is amazing! I’ve used many coverage services from big name competitions and she has provided much more actionable feedback and advice than all of them. She gives a lot of care and attention in the work she gives, I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you!" - Hendy

"Aly is one of the best. Period. She is also one of the most considerate and understanding scriptwriters that you will ever come across." - Light

"Absolutely phenomenal feedback! Cut right to the heart of what I thought was missing, and the suggestions were exactly what I needed to get thinking on the right track. Also, delivery was extremely fast. Anyone reticent to get script notes, you won't be disappointed with Aly's work. I'll be coming back, no question." -Nerv

"The seller is a genius. The product was way beyond my expectations. She took it to the next level and beyond!!!" - Paul

"Truly invaluable feedback that bolstered my script into a much stronger piece. Will be making a stop here with all my scripts from now on." - Chris

"The feedback I received was excellent, and I feel confident that my next draft will be better as a result of the notes that were provided. I would recommend Aly in a heartbeat!" - Fadoop

"Aly's notes on my feature screenplay were outstanding: honest, insightful, actionable, and concise. I couldn't ask for a better reader, and I'd recommend her service without any reservations." - Ade

"OMG, She is Absolutely Astonishing. Her feedback was exactly what I needed to advance in this screenplay and others that I’ll be sending in the very near future. I Appreciate her Knowledge far more than she can imagine..... I Highly RECOMMEND" - SI

"Aly, is one of kind ! She was able to creatively flush out new ideas/scenes without totally embellishing my truth ! I would definitely use her again!" - Chalmer

"Astonishing feedback! Knew exactly what’s missing and pointed straight at it. Would love to work again in the future." - Sam

"The project was a full script for a musical. Aly was very professional. Excellent communication and the work was completed very quickly. The script was everything I'd hoped for. The characters and dialogue are alive" - Dave

"I’m really impressed by Aly’s ability to understand the characters and to write dialogs which do not seem artificial or forced. With a word only she is able to hint at something that would have taken many lines to express. I am really grateful to this writer because she understood I was in a hurry and worked on my script the whole day. Hire her. Now." - LS

"Aly was extremely communicative, kind, and comprehensive in both her approach and feedback. Not only did I get a quantitative and qualitative breakdown of my pilot's marketability, but thoughtful, thorough notes on my characters, premise, plot, structure, and dialogue. I have gotten feedback from several others, but her notes were truly phenomenal; 'unrivaled' is not a misnomer, but an understatement. I will undoubtedly work with her again in the near future and recommend her without reservation." - Donovan

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