Screenplay "Divine Blood" won Script of the Month and Best Drama screenplay!

Aly Miller will speak at the Winn Feline Foundation symposium

FILM: Aeris review and announcement

Episode 182: NExt Big Thing Gamer Sitcom

Episode 12: With vegan writer and filmmaker, Aly Miller

A docudrama on madona

"First-person interviews with Madonna’s former bandmates, including Gilroy; his brother and fellow guitarist Ed Gilroy; and bassist Angie Smit, are cut alongside footage of actress Jamie Auld."

Madonna and the breakfast club gets march release

"Auld’s uncanny resemblance to the pop icon is incredibly realistic, and is sure to intrigue longtime fans of the singer."

Documentary reveals bedroom tapes

"It explores her ferocious ambition and drive to make it in the music business."

A Legacy Inspired by Love

"Their film is not only about FIP, it’s about an innocent life."

Aeris: A Movie about FIP

"I cried as I watched this kitten story."

Interview with the filmmakers!

"Our responsibility as filmmakers is to tell the most vulnerable truth."

The Story of Aeris

"It compassionately chronicles their twelve-day journey spent trying to defeat the horrible disease that eventually took the life of sweet Aeris. We told you that there’d be tears!"

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