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Aly Miller

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Writer  Filmmaker

Available Scripts

Songs of Christmas

After 20 years, a big family singing group reunites for one last Christmas concert before their father loses his voice to cancer


Saving Santa

Ivy, the least qualified  Elf at the North Pole, is sent on a mission with Blitz, the rambunctious reindeer, in order to bring Santa's son Nick, a greedy coal business owner, back to take over as heir before Santa and the Christmas spirit disappear forever


The New Sister

A young woman named Adrienne desperately wants to become part of the Green family but her plans turn deadly when their eldest daughter Charlotte returns home and grows suspicious of Adrienne's obsessive behavior


The Time - Series

A world where men are mutating into humanoid beasts, one research scientist and her best friend, a spiritual healer, conflict over the recourse that's needed to save the world


It's Your Funeral

When funeral home director Oliver Gray suddenly dies, his two children Jesse and Ben are forced to take on the business and their father's dark past



Raven and Blake are reunited ten years after their one-year-old daughter went missing, just in time for an eleven-year-old girl to show up at their door, claiming to be their daughter they thought was dead


The Not so Scaries

A cartoon that follows Pie, the Pumpkin, and his group of friends as they train to become fully-fledged monsters. The only problem is Pie is as sweet as... well you guessed it, and the rest of the gang are, well, not so scary.


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