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Aly Miller

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Writer  Filmmaker


Aly is the oldest of seven kids who have one way or another found themselves as a character in one of her scripts. Her parents own a small bagel business in a small town in New Jersey where she grew up and discovered her passions. From a little girl, she knew she wanted to be an actress. It wasn' t until she began auditioning, working on films and studying her craft that she realized a love for writing. But it was always there. She had been writing songs, plays, short stories, and poems her entire life. So then began the study of a new craft as well. 

The first script she wrote and produced was the short film "Aeris", based off a true story that happened to her. A little kitten, they named Aeris, found her way into their lives only to tragically die from FIP 12 days later. Up until now, Aly hadn't yet finished a writing project. She felt Aeris came into her life for a reason and the FIP community who she will forever be indebted to for their love and support, also meant something. She wrote the script, acted in it and produced it. Along the way, she garnered support from The Winn Feline Foundation, Heaven on Earth and ZenbyCat, all well-known and prestigious foundations or non-profits in the feline world. Her film also raised over $16,000 on Kickstarter. Aeris literally changed her life and was a catalyst, in more than one way.

After that, she continued to write shorts that were produced, and one she directed herself called "Hush-Hush" currently in Post. She also joined the producing team for a docu-drama about Madonna that went on to be sold to Hulu and wrote and produced a full-length play performed off-off-Broadway in New York City.  

At her core, she's an animal-loving vegan who, when she isn't writing or acting, is practicing and studying her love of astrology, tarot, and anything and everything to do with witches. She has four cats named Luna, Sasuke, Kairi (who played Aeris in the film) and a street cat named Jorah who jumped into her arms at the 145th street subway station in New York. She recently moved to Los Angeles and is never looking back.

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