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I have teamed up with a world-renowned artist to co-write her Memoir. 

It chronicles her life growing up in the Soviet Union, losing her parents to the system, and eventually being brave enough to immigrate.

"Void of Magic", a fantasy novel.

Magic has returned to our world, blessing and cursing a select few with unique abilities. Best friends, Faye and Shane learn their powers surpass all others and are thus kidnapped by two different magical extremist groups.  Each must find each other in time to stop them from destroying magic and the world. 

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Aly is a screenwriter, novelist, actress and producer…But you’ve figured that out by now. She is also an astrologer, crystal collector, cat mom, vegan and self-diagnosed witch! 


Coming from a big family as the oldest of seven kids, she has developed a love and a knack for writing interesting characters with their own uniques voices and dialogue. She’s a classic introvert, always daydreaming, and has finally found a use for her imagination besides writing very structured screenplays and that’s novels. 


The first script she wrote and produced was the short film "Aeris", based on a little kitten of hers named Aeris, who tragically died from FIP 12 days after coming home. She wrote the script, acted in it and produced it. She  and Paul Castro Jr garnered support from The Winn Feline Foundation, Heaven on Earth and ZenbyCat, all well-known and prestigious foundations or non-profits in the feline world, to come on board as executive producers. The film also raised over $16,000 on Kickstarter. 


She directed a short film she wrote called “Hush-Hush” and joined the producing team for the docu-drama “Madonna and the Breakfast Club”, that went on to be sold to Hulu, then wrote and produced a full-length play performed off-off-Broadway in New York City.  


Most importantly? Her four cats. They’re named Luna, Sasuke, Kairi (who played Aeris in the film) and a street cat named Jorah who jumped into her arms at the 145th street subway station in New York. She now resides in Los Angeles.

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