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Aly Miller is an award winning horror, thriller and sci-fi screenwriter, filmmaker and novelist with her debut novel "The Wannabe Girls" releasing in 2023. She wrote, starred in and produced the short film "Aeris", available on Amazon, which was a multi-festival winner, including Best Short film at the Garden State Film Festival and was an Official Selection at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. Her scripts have been finalists for the Sundance Screenwriting Lab, Austin, BlueCat, Vail, Atlanta and Festigious. Her stage play, "Bolt from the Blue", was selected to play in the New York Theater Festival. She is also one of the co-creators and producers for the TV Series "Next Big Thing"/"Game Factory", which garnered a streaming deal and part of the producing and filmmaking team for "Madonna and the Breakfast Club" which sold to Hulu.

Aly is the oldest of seven, vegan for the animals, takes care of four cats, fosters a bunny, studies astrology and tries not to drive her husband crazy. :)

It's 1998. Spunky thirteen-year-old Cheeks Ashley is ready to take on the world, now that she's officially a teenager. She's got big plans to become a famous filmmaker and get her older sister Parker, cousins Zella and June and her precious dad out of their difficult situation and into a life where she isn't eating Twinkies for dinner and scheming for lunch money. Her and her best friend, Marcus, who is either a total scrub, or the only person she can depend on, plan to spend the next few months saving up for a camera so they can film their first feature movie. It definitely will not be 'Snakes on Skates', as Marcus has recently pitched to her. He seriously needs to let her do the screenwriting. A roadblock enters the scene when Parker reveals that her and her cousins, plus long-time frenemy Danielle, are taking a roadtrip to see The Spice Girls in concert in Orlando, Florida. The Spice Girls are Cheeks' latest obsession, that emerged shortly after her mother died in a mysterious 'accident'. The girls embark on a trip full of secrets, twists and maybe a giant girl-eating swamp monster. Cheeks quickly learns her sister is keeping a mega-sized secret from her and becomes Hell-bent on finding out what it is until it's too late.

The Wannabe Girls is a YA, chick-lit, comedy about girl power, sisterhood and growing up.

Set to release in 2024!!

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