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Writer. Filmmaker.

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Aly Miller is an award winning horror, thriller and sci-fi screenwriter, filmmaker and author. She wrote, starred in and produced the short film "Aeris", available on Amazon, which was a multi-festival winner, including Best Short film at the Garden State Film Festival and was an Official Selection at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. Her scripts have been finalists for the Sundance Screenwriting Lab, Austin, BlueCat, WeScreenplay, Outstanding Screenplays TV competition, Vail, Atlanta and Festigious -- and her pilot "Sisters of Sorrow" has been on Coverfly's Red List for the last two months. Her stage play, "Bolt from the Blue", was selected to play in the New York Theater Festival. She is also one of the co-creators and producers for the TV Series "Next Big Thing"/"Game Factory", which garnered a streaming deal and part of the producing and filmmaking team for "Madonna and the Breakfast Club" which sold to Hulu.

Aly is the oldest of seven, vegan for the animals, takes care of four cats, a bunny, studies astrology and tries not to drive her husband crazy.


When thirteen-year-old candy-aholic Cheeks Ashley finds out she's going on a road-trip with her older sister Parker, cousins Zella and June and longtime frenemy Danielle to see the Spice Girls in concert, she has no idea of the mega-huge secret her sister is hiding from her that will turn her world upside down before she can say 'Zig-a-zig-ah'.

Release date TBA for 2024!


Two inseparable friends, a dedicated scientist, and a social media guru, confront a lethal virus that transforms men into monstrous titans --- While the scientist strives to find a cure and salvage humanity, her best friend embarks on a dark path, vowing to eradicate the monsters and build a cult, unraveling a web of secrets and trauma that threatens not only the world but their unbreakable bond. 


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FILM and Scripts

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